Quotes from the kids

Trip Quotes:

Harper: "You know how some people sing like 'la la la'? Well, Bitsy sings like that! And sometimes Bitsy dresses up in one of those red outfits and she sings like that! and sometimes it's at church!"

Bailey many times: I'm having fun on this trip. Thank you so much for taking us on this trip, Daddy.

Bailey as we are crossing a creek: "Dad, are we in 4-wheel drive?" 'Yes' "OH, I wish they had water-drive for crossing creeks"

Harper 'reading' the Bible to Larkin: "....and Jesus washed the blood out of my sin"...we take no credit for this!

Bailey and Harper every time we passed cattle or horses in Arkansas and Oklahoma, which was a lot:
"Hey cows! Do yall know the way to Oregon?!?"

Bailey and Harper when we were lost amid a spiderweb of private property gates and fenses in Pawhuska, OK: "Dad, JUST CALL MARSHALL! He knows the way to Oregon! Just call Marshall, OK, Dad?" ...we heard this about 50 times in 3 hours.

Bailey praying at night: "Thank you that God has been with us on this trip"

Bailey when asked if he would like an apple: "I'm not eating apples right now because I have too many loose teeth and I don't want them to all fall out, during this timing. So I'm just not eating hard foods right now.

Harper (random thought while in the car): "Next Easter I'm not going to get any easter eggs. I'm just going to help Adelaide (her cousin) find eggs. And I'm going to let her have all the eggs."

Harper to everyone: "Mom bought marshmallows for us! Everyone: No, Harper, we didn't bring any marshmallows with us." Harper: "OK EVERYONE, YALL JUST CALM DOWN"

Bailey many evenings: "Let's keep driving. I don't think we've driven enough today."

Harper: "I just saw an Oreo cow!"

Harper: "It's like Mommy and Daddy are home forever!!"

I told the kids that Will (Whitmire) said he missed us and wished that he could be a fly in our car with us and Harper said, "I wish Will was with us too"

Harper: "Ah, I just miss AnnCarter"...her cousin in Oregon whom she's meeting for the first time in a few weeks!!!

Harper: "Bailey, remember when Novey (andrew novenson) came to our house and we jumped up on him and took his hat!?! That was funny wasn't it?" ..in unison.."yeah, I love Novey. He's so funny."

Harper: "Look! Somebody just bought those cows! Yeah, see 'cause they still have the tags on. It's on their ears." ...somewhere in Oklahoma

Bailey: "OH! I'd like a beer right now!"
Harper: "yeah, I could really use a beer right now too" ...at a diner in Moab,, Utah...we were all burning up because of the hot desert sun, the car was overheating so I took the kids inside the diner for a "drink." I had iced cold water in mind but apparently they had something else in mind:)

The other day Harper and I were sitting on the front porch eating lunch. All was quiet and we were just enjoying being outside on a beautiful day when she suddenly proclaimed:

 "Mom, if Larkin died right now, when she's still a baby, then God would be holding her in His arms. Because God is so strong that He can hold all the babies in the whole world."

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Shannon said...

Oh my goodness I was laughing and crying at the same time. How precious your time has been! Thanks for sharing...and not forgetting...like i would have done! Ask Jesse if he remembers what kid's book this quote is from.."But it will be a squash!" Somehow this trip reminds me of that book. love you all!