Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sweet, Sweet, Happy Harper

Harper is 5 months old and such a joy! She is so happy and smiley all the time. On the rare occasion that I have to wake her up midway through a nap, she rolls over and gives me the biggest smile as if we had just been reunited from a long trip apart. The video is of her squealing on the changing table today. Right before I got the camera out she was giggling a lot and I thought, "oh, this is it, I'll finally be able to capture her deep belly laugh on camera." Not so. She still gives me this confusing look when I bring out the camera. So here she is testing out her vocal cords. I love how she looks so surprised that she can make such sounds.

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We asked Bailey to bring us some clothes to put on him and he came back with these pads. He was attempting to put them on himself but we gave him a little help.

Bailey Singing

Bailey sings a lot around the house these days but he's still a bit camera shy about it. I had just about given up on getting him to sing for the camera when I decided to bribe him with a cookie. It worked! He got a Double-Stuffed Oreo-no trans fats, just lots of sugar:) Enjoy

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ode to "Teddy"

If you've met Bailey, you've met Teddy. In fact, the first thing Bailey does when he meets someone is introduce them to Teddy. So it seems fitting that I should introduce everyone to Teddy. My sister Casey gave Teddy to Bailey on his first Christmas, he was only 2 months old! Teddy has been well loved ever since. He's been on many adventures during his short two and half years: riding on horses, dirt bikes, boats, trains, four-wheelers, tractors, bobcats, backhoes, cars and trucks! Along with all of Teddy's adventures he's had some close calls too: he's been left at peoples' houses, left at the grocery store (on Daddy's watch:), fallen in the mud, fallen in the pool, stepped on, and as a result of all of these events he's had many baths! However, the single most tragic event that has befallen Teddy would have to be when the neighbor's dog snatched him out of our yard and dragged him into the woods. Jesse chased the dog through the woods for a good 15 minutes. All the while I'm trying to keep Bailey calm and remain calm myself. Teddy returned with a minor wound on his nose which Bitsy, jesse's mom, sewed up. It will be a sad day when we have to say good-bye to Teddy for good. "Teddy, we love you and we hope you stay around for a long, long, long time!"

Froggy Boots

If you've seen Bailey lately, you've seen his froggy boots. My mom bought him his first pair long before they ever fit him. When he first tried them on he screamed and cried. This past winter he took to wearing them as the weather was cold and the possibility of snow gave reason to wear galoshes. And wear them he did. Everyday! At first, I thought, "Oh it's just a phase." I objected when his Daddy agreed to let him wear them to church on Sundays, outside when it wasn't raining or snowing, to weddings and on Easter sunday. I finally gave in when I realized they were becoming his trademark. Eventually, Bailey was wearing them everyday and he is now on his second pair as you can see in the picture above. My mom claims that the store carries them in sizes up to adults....we won't let Bailey in on that secret.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Some recent pictures from my trip to Atlanta for my dad's family reunion. He has 10 brothers and sisters and I have 20 first cousins. This was the first time in about 10 years that all of my dad's siblings have been together. Only 10 of the cousins were there. It was fun getting to see everyone, but as always, it's to hard to catch up with everyone because it's so chaotic.