Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sweet, Sweet, Happy Harper

Harper is 5 months old and such a joy! She is so happy and smiley all the time. On the rare occasion that I have to wake her up midway through a nap, she rolls over and gives me the biggest smile as if we had just been reunited from a long trip apart. The video is of her squealing on the changing table today. Right before I got the camera out she was giggling a lot and I thought, "oh, this is it, I'll finally be able to capture her deep belly laugh on camera." Not so. She still gives me this confusing look when I bring out the camera. So here she is testing out her vocal cords. I love how she looks so surprised that she can make such sounds.

1 comment:

Raewyn said...

I so miss those days of these spontaneous sounds and the wonderment of them from all parties.
Thanks for sharing them Steph.

I normally couldn't access videos as I am on dial up, but today I am in town and have broadband access so am enjoying the pleasure of your meeting your little ones :-)