Monday, April 12, 2010

Around Our Town

One of the benefits (at least it's a benefit for my 4 yr. old son) of living on an old street with leaky pipes is that when the pipes break the city sends out several crews with big machinery to repair them. These pictures are of the first crew that comes. They dig out the street, repair the pipes and fill in the hole with wet cement. These guys are very nice-we remembered them from last year! Last year, they let bailey ride in the Bobcat with them for a few minutes. Next, a big truck comes to place the wooden platform over the wet cement. About 2 weeks later another crew comes (this is a rough crew; I keep my kids inside the whole time) who digs up about 4 inches of the cement the other guys poured and then they fill the hole with asphalt to match the rest of the road. Lots of noise and lots of heavy machinery! 


Audra said...

How fun for Bailey! =D

The Teagueteam said...

oh man, i miss that beautiful family. cant wait to see you guys whenever we get to come!