Monday, June 25, 2012


This post is for all you folks out there who want to know what we've been eating. You can see what the family has been eating and what Steph has been eating on her strict grain-free diet. Steph has kept a detailed log of all snacks and meals:

Day 1-Tennessee
Snack- Fam: ritz crackers, slices of bread; Steph: banana with almond butter
Dinner- Fam: PBJ, hotdogs; Larkin: banana, applesauce and bread; Steph: banana, SCD bread, SCD crackers
11pm snack for Steph: SCD bread with all natural peanut butter

Day 2-Memphis-Arkansas
Breakfast- Steph: SCD bread/crackers with cheddar cheese; Fam: leftover caramel rolls, bread, cheese, grape juice for all

Second Breakfast with Paul Norman at Brother's Juniper in Memphis, TN
Steph: pesto scrambled eggs with roasted red peppers, pine nuts, spinah, tomatoes & provolone
Jesse: scrambled eggs, potatoes
Kids: pancakes, sausage and bacon

Lunch: PBJ, bananas w/ peanut butter, applesauce, carrots, tortilla chips, raw kale

Dinner: Rice-a-roni with sausage; Veggie saute with sausage and cheese

Day 3-Arkansas
Breakfast- strawberry oatmeal; banana, raisins, apple, peanut butter and sliced almonds
Snack- kale, carrots, banana, cheese sticks
Dinner- leftovers but added spinach to the veggie saute; family had chocolate pie from Oark General Store

Day 4-Oklahoma
Breakfast- same as yesterday plus 3 kiwi fruit
Snack- fresh blackberries, chips/crackers, cheese sticks
Dinner-Tortilla pepperoni pizzas, cauliflower pepperoni pizza (steph)

Day 5-Oklahoma
Breakfast- Oatmeal; Steph's nut/raisin/banana cereal with Almond milk
Lunch- snack foods
Dinner-ate out at Buffalo Bills in Pawhuska, OK Jesse had a patty melt with fries, kids had corndog/burger with fries, steph had a chicken breast w/mushroom onion, avocado

Day 6- Smithfield, Oklahoma
Breakfast and Lunch the same---added sugar snap peas, pepperoni and cheese to our lunch snacks
Dinner- Sausage with sauteed spinach, onion, garlic, cauliflower; Kraft mac n' cheese for kids minus milk and butter.

Day 7- Walsenberg, Colorado near Bishop's Castle
Lunch/snacks- PBJ tortilla wraps, sesame sticks, snap peas, craisins, walnuts, tortilla chips, cheese sticks, cereal mix
Dinner-Tacos with avocado

Day 8- Westcliffe, Colorado
Dinner: ate at a local restaurant/bar- Burgers, grilled cheese, chicken tenders, fries, milk, saute green beans with mushroom, onion in a yummy chipotle sauce, plantain chips

Day 9- Rio Grand Forest, CO
Dinner- Beans, rice, sausage, veggies, cheese

Day 10-Rio Grande Forest
Dinner- spaghetti sauce with ground beef, cheese, risotto

Day 11- Ouray, CO on the Imogene Pass
Tortilla pizzas, leftover spaghetti sauce with cheese, snack type foods

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Travis said...

Yum! You're eating better than us, and we're at home.