Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Maturing and Night Fears, Oh my!

Bailey is getting so big, so fast. Every day he says something that just blows Jesse and me away. He's putting sentences together, singing nursery rhymes and the alphabet. However, he is a little shy about his singing. Mostly, we only hear him if we're in another room. I can't get him to sing anything on video. So, I'm finally convinced that night fears have set in. For the past month or so, Bailey wakes up every night and gets in bed with us. Sometimes he wakes up crying hard and other times he crawls in our bed and we don't realize it until we wake up in the morning. Last night, he woke up crying hard. This morning, I asked him if he remembered waking up crying last night and he said, "yes." Then I asked him why he was crying and he said, "Bay got a burn, Mama cooking, Bay touched the bread." I later found out that he had told Jesse the same story a few days ago. It's crazy that he's old enough to have dreams.

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