Tuesday, April 29, 2008

They Change So Fast

Harper is making some big changes these days. This morning I found her at the opposite end of her crib. Two nights ago she rolled over onto her back. This afternoon she and I had a laughing fit for a good 10 minutes. She would laugh, then I would laugh, then we'd make each other laugh. It was so sweet and cute, I wish someone could have been there to video tape it. I was able to catch a video of her and Jesse laughing together last night. She is so much more awake and lively during the days. I'm excited about getting to spend more time with her but also a little disappointed that she's not sleeping as much during the day. Gone are the days when she would be awake for an hour then sleep for two.
This is where I put her to sleep last night. She's a little confused b/c I put her back in her crib so I could take these pics.This is where I found her this morning. Again, she's a little confused.

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