Saturday, June 11, 2011

More of Larkin

If you're wondering why there aren't any pictures of Bailey and Harper it's because they are in Atlanta with my wonderful mother. Also, they had strep throat the week Larkin was born so Larkin and I stayed in my room and got to see Bailey and Harper from afar. I miss them so much and as thankful as I am to have this time without them, I really am looking forward to having them home!

Larkin looking at her new bear that Bailey and Harper made for her at Build-A-Bear!

Sleeping next to "Flurry" the bear (named by Bailey and Harper).

As you can see I'm obsessed with taking pics of her hands and feet. I had to resist posting all 30 of them!

Her favorite sleeping position:)


Anonymous said...

She is absolutely beautiful. You must be so happy with your new little girl. I love her name.


Aunt Suzanne

sjchatt said...

She is just beautiful and looks so dreamy! I am so happy you are enjoying her so.
Happy Summer!
Jessica jones

b wingfield said...

SOOOO sweet!