Monday, February 6, 2012

Preparation: Route Selection

Here are the initial routes of I've come up with during free time. They are Google maps, so you should be able to easily open them.

Section 1: Undetermined
Section 2: Des arc, Arkansas to Warloop Rd.
Section 3: Warloop Rd to Walsenburg, Co. (taking the kids to Bishops Castle)
Section 4: Rye, Co. to Del Norte, Co. via Great Sand Dunes
Section 5: Del Norte to Telluride, Co.
Section 6: Telluride to Fruita, CO. Undetermined
Section 7: Fruita, CO to Moab, UT on Kokopelli
Section 8. Moab to SLC
Section 9. Undetermined but probably stick to Northern UT and very southern OR and northern NV (here is a possibility that I came up with on the fly but want to better think through)

Section 10: Bend, OR to Jordan City, OR
Section 11: Trans Idaho trail (this is not my map; it is from the Trans-Idaho Expedition here on Expo that is set to leave this July)
Section 12: Trans Wyoming - undetermined
Section 13: Sandhills, Nebraska to Grand Island part 1 and part 2

My atlases have just started arriving from Fleabay so these routes may change (alot) and I am always interested in anyone who has experience in any particular region. Looks like my hope of a below average snow year in CO has started to be dashed.

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