Saturday, February 4, 2012


In preparation for our trip, Jesse is modifying our vehicle to take on this expedition. Today he rewired some interior lights in the Land Cruiser and replaced the old bulbs with LED bulbs. He also added halogen reverse lights. Basically, we have 2 spotlights for reverse lights. Added some extra lights up front and two more 12 volt outlets (the cigarette lighter power thingys) in the center console and two at the back door. Pictures of these modifications are here.

Also in the album you will see the two black Pelican(military) cases that will store out gear on top of the roof rack, our new Engel cooler for the few things we will need to keep cool and the 13.5 gallon water tank that will be repurposed (used to contain Dr. Pepper) and mounted underneath the vehicle for extra water storage.

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