Wednesday, February 1, 2012

So, we're goin' on a road trip...

This Summer we will be driving from Tennessee to Oregon with our 3 children. We will "live" out of our Land Cruiser. We will try to drive mostly on forest service and gravel roads with minimal highway travel. We are all very excited and a wee bit nervous (ok, I'm really nervous). We're going to try to keep this blog updated along the way.

Here's what I'm excited about:

Being together with mommy and daddy all day, every day for almost 2 months!
Seeing the beauty of God's creation in our country.
Freedom!! to do what we want, when we ties to work or school.
Visiting friends along the way and seeing Marshall and Katherine (Jesse's brother and his wife) and their new baby!

What I'm nervous about:

Thunder/lightening storms
The children overheating from the hot, Summer sun.

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