Saturday, March 17, 2012

First Night in Tent; Lightning and Rain

What do you remember about last night?

Bailey -The thunderstorm was really bad. It was hard to go to sleep. We didn't sleep very well but I loved the tent and the fire. When can we go again?
Harper -Uh, nothing. (That's good; she didn't remember crying at 4:15 and wanting to go home.)
Jesse -We found a beautiful place to camp on Lookout Mountain. We set up camp on top of a hill with views all around. It made for a great sunset. Around one in the morning a storm front moved through. It was very windy and it didn't rain torrentially but the lightning was fierce and all around us. Needless to say, I rethought the merits of the 360 degree exposed views from the bare hilltop. It was an intense 30 minutes as the storm moved over us. Other than acting as the perfect lightning rod, the tent performed well and kept us dry. The kids didn't wake up until the second round of storms started rolling in the distance. I wasn't going to play lightning rod again so I moved the kids into the back of the truck just before four a.m. and we moved down into the trees where we spent the rest of the night testing out the 'downstairs' sleeping arrangements. More pictures here.


The Teagueteam said...

The land cruiser looks unreal. i'm so excited about this trip. in fact, i just quit my job and bought a ticket to come home in order to drive out to OR with there enough room in that tent for me?

by the way, where you do you sleep in there? how does that ladder hold you guys? no offense of course.

stephanie teague said...

Marshall, I wondered the same thing about the ladder until I saw Travis climb up it.

Kathleen Teague said...

I love Harper's comment on remembering the night...completely forgetting wanting to go home at 4 am. :)