Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break Shakedown

    Last week I (jesse) had my spring break and fortunately did not have to work any outdoor program trips. I love these trips but they keep me from spending time outdoors with my family. Well, we decided to pack up and go on a quick shakedown trip. Shakedown is a rally-car racing term for a pre-ride of special race sections of roads before the actual race. It gives drivers a chance to see the road first hand and test their equipment and vehicle setup. This would be our second overnight with the tent mounted on the Land Cruiser and the first night with all of us sleeping together. (The sane ones stayed home during "lightning rod testing" the weekend before.)
   We departed leisurely Sunday after church and headed towards Rock Island State Park where we camped at state run campground. The camping was easy - running water at the campsite and bathrooms very close. Luxury (well, more or less) compared to what we will have this summer. Also, we drove less than one mile of gravel roads throughout the entire 'shakedown,' so vehicle testing is still yet to be determined. 
   On the way to Rock Island we stopped at a Sav-a-lot in Spencer (middle of no-where Tenn) and caused quite a spectacle. An older country couple (read - teeth missing, long unkempt beard, sweat-suit clad) stepped out the pick up truck next to us, looked at us, then the roof rack, which was loaded with fuel cans and pelican cases as part of 'testing', and looked backed at us quizzically, befuddled. The gentleman then asked us where exactly we were headed. In order to ward off other inevitable and questioning glances at our supplies I replied that we were headed across country on the most deserted paths and tracks we could find. (No matter the fact that we won't actually be doing that for two months, right?) He proceeded to give the "You're nuts" look that we are getting so used to and walked on into the store. Writing this now serves as a reminder that I need to photograph these run-ins with 'locals' along the way this summer.  
   Anyway, the short of it is that we had a wonderful time. Within minutes of arriving at the campsite Bailey and Harper were in the dirt playing cars. I think everyone slept well and the kids slept late (7:30) the next morning. On to the pichers:

    The rest of the break was spent making and hanging trim in our real house, not the second home (aka Land Cruiser). I think that brings us now to 4 of 8 eight rooms that lack crown-molding. It was good progress but you will just have to stop in and see it as I don't have any pictures of the work.



Shannon said...

I love this entry! You guys are going to have such a great time this summer. Jesse, quick thinking not to give away your camping location to the parking lot neighbor; I'm thinking DELIVERANCE, the movie! So glad you had fun. I gave the blog address to brother STeve, I hope he is reading this - you and he sound so similar in how you tell a yarn. love you all!

Kathleen Teague said...

Jesse you're so good at writing!! Also, yes, please document with pictures the locals you meet along the trip this summer. The pictures here are awesome!