Sunday, March 11, 2012

Land Cruiser Update:
-Drawer/sleep platform built for rear cargo area. It's not finished: still lacks drawer front, tie-downs    for cargo on top and, well, finish (probably an oil finish).
-Pelican cases, fuel and water cans test fitted to roof rack. They survived a test run, but on pavement.
-Water tank fitted to belly of frame. Hopefully welded in place next week.

Here is what I've done so far for the drawer/platform. I have a ways to go.

And lots of thanks to my third helper. She's holding a drill!

I snapped a few more photos that you can see here. 

Spring Break starts this week and I hope to put a lot of time in on the Cruiser and on the house (the real house). I should be able to install both the winch and tent. Who knows, maybe I can even start fabricating the rear tire carrier and get the auxiliary headlights mounted.

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