Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Birthday, Easter and Egg-hunts

On Sunday we celebrated Stephanie's birthday with her parents, my parents, her sister's family and Kathleen.
Stephanie made the cake and was excited about the piping. (Is 'piping' that green stuff on her dress?)

Harper and Adelaide beautifying.

Easter wouldn't be Easter without an egg-hunt so some of our neighbors joined our kids for a grand multi-yard hunt. And the men-folk had an egg-hunt of their own when someone (not to be named) tried hiding an egg on the edge of the new (used) raised air intake on the Landcruiser. The hunt took on many different iterations as we sifted through ideas.

Reaching in from the top didn't work even when Bailey tried, nor reaching from the bottom despite our encouragement that there were no spiders inside waiting to bite him.

  Someone thought to use the shop-vac to try to suck it out and that did eventually work.

 Broken-armed, I (Jesse) pretty much took a backseat and "supervised" as the antics ensued.

      Unfortunately we never quite made it around to trying my idea: find very steep hill, engage 4 wheel drive, drive up said steep hill and wait for egg to roll out. I even knew where to find such a hill!

     On another note, we were on holiday Monday, so I met up with Tommy Ellis who did some welding on the front bumper for me. I finished painting it today and installed it and the used lights that Marshall picked up for me in Oregon.

  By the end of the day we were all plum-tuckered out. Harper's face says it all.

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